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Think video first

Having great video content is vital to all industries across all channels. The options to add motion to your site or your social feeds are numerous; all have to follow a strategy to maximize the reach and match the DNA of your brand.


The attention span of customers is getting shorter. It is imperative to be constantly ahead of the curve, creating short & medium form content that is relevant and easy to digest. We make this process enjoyable and cost-effective.

Watch my recent work.

Event sizzle reel

Filming & editing

Do you have existing footage that needs to be transformed, or a new idea that has to be filmed? We are the perfect partners. When you need a video that personalizes and brands your message, we can bring the production to you.

Social media creation

Managing a consistent voice on social media can be challenging. We create new content with your message in mind, whether you need 10 or 1,000 pieces of content. That way, you can use your branded library of fresh content in ads, posts, brand pages, and campaigns for a cohesive and current look.

Stop-motion & animation

Short animations or motion graphics can explain complex ideas simply and meaningfully. These videos, between 30 seconds and two minutes, are a powerful way to help your company describe its products, introduce a solution, or motivate an audience to take action.

Short-form video production

Capturing the essence of your brand can help drive more conversion for your website. It’s a powerful marketing tactic that brings your brand credibility by giving future clients a peek at your work or how your brand looks in real life. Testimonials and employer-branding videos tell compelling stories and show the social influence of your business.

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